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Krav Maga Against Gun Defense

Defending-Against-Firearm-ThreatsIf you are someone who is living in a quiet neighborhood, you may find it hard to get out or neutralize a situation where you will face someone with a gun. On the other hand, those who live downtown —where crime is a part of everyone’s lives —know that disarming an attacker or getting away with this kind of attack is a must so that one is sure to live a safe life.

In reality, even if you are living in the most quiet neighborhood in the world, you are not sure that you will live your life peacefully and stress-free. There is no guarantee that you will not find yourself in a scene where you will face an attacker.

This the reason why taking krav maga self defense classes is a must, these self defense classes will teach you how to handle and neutralize armed situations when you are facing them.

Krav Maga is a system that was born in Israel, and there are many techniques that will ensure you of counterbalancing an attack as quickly as possible. One significant move in Krav Maga is the defense against gun attack, this technique have already been popular as many of the people nowadays are facing gun threats —parents fighting their spouses with guns, someone trying to get your things and making use of a gun to scare you away, and/or someone attacking you with a gun. Enrolling in a Krav Maga class will let you and most people understand the proper technique,

When you are faced with an armed attacker, and that someone wants to get your possessions, it is advised that you give your possessions and leave; but if you are still being harassed or the attackers continues to push himself to you, then it’s time to act and do those Krav Maga moves. In many gun attacks, the mugger will most probably ask the victim to put their hands in the air, but no, don’t give in to this kind of command from the bad guy as you have to delay things ahead for an element of surprise when counter attacking.

Krav Maga also teaches to look and understand the things around you. This is not only for you to know a place where to run to, but also to see something that you can use as a weapon against the mugger.

Suicide and Self-Defense

Teenage Suicide is a big problem now because of bullyingAccording to National Alliance of Mental Illness, suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in USA, and it’s the third cause of death of people ages 15 to 24 years old, thus making this a critical issue.

Suicide of teens are sometimes caused by harassment and cyber-bullying, and this issue is all over the news that made parents worry about their children’s welfare —if your child is one of them, it is important that you address the topic to him/her, instead of being tormented and being upset by the increasing rates of suicide by these youngsters.

Let’s talk about the tools for parents like you that can make use of when talking to your teen about bullying.

Initiate the Conversation

Do not wait for your child to open up for you. Sure it can be difficult to have your kid open up to you, but this topic —bullying —is crucial. Open the communication up and let your child speak his/her mind. Don’t talk and talk, just let your child do the talking, listen.

If you hear something that strikes you, compose yourself and try to remain calm. It’s time to listen.

Do Not Shut Your Child up When He/She Is Try to Open up To You

It’s true that a child, especially when he/she is in his/her adolescent years finds it hard to open things up, particularly when it’s about bullying and/or being bullied. When you sense that he/she is trying to open up to you, sit down and listen to him/her. Don’t be exaggerated when you hear him/her speak up. Stay calm. Don’t judge your child when you don’t like what you are hearing, most importantly, don not put the blame on your child.

Self-control is key to keep the line of communication flowing. Your child needs to know and feel that you care, love and understand him/her, and that you are going to help him/her with the situation that he/she is currently in. Respond in a calm and positive manner.

This time is a great way to let your teen speak her feelings out with regards to him/her being bullied, this will let your child be able to share her feelings and thoughts with you.

This will also let your child know that he/she has a parent who loves and understands him/her enough to help her with her situation.

Prepare Your Teen to Stand Up and Fight by Enrolling Him/Her to a Self-Defense Class

Parents, like you, may worry that your kid might regard and think of you as a broken record, but there things that you can never talk to your kids about very often:

  • Decision making with regards to how they treat their peers, becoming a good example without excluding others can create an anti-bullying atmosphere.
  • Letting them stand up for what they believe is true, especially when they are around their friends. Self-worth, self-control and self-esteem are some of the things that a self-defense school can teach as they teach children the things that are necessary for them to make a stand.
  • Telling them and letting them understand that they just can take all in. They can’t just accept and accept when they know that they are being harassed. Encourage your child to talk to someone he/she trusts so much and let him/her open her feelings up.
  • Teaching hi,/her to love himself/herself. It is important for a child to have self-esteem and self-confidence as this is a great tool to stop bullying.
  • Letting your children know and feel that you are always there for them, that you have their back. Children and teens must know that if someone doesn’t believe in them, you are there, always ready to support and love them all the way.
  • Teach and help your child to learn that there are solutions to every problem, especially with bullying. By using some life skills, they can create some actions to solve their problems and get the results that they want to have.
  • Let them learn some self-defense skills so that bullies won’t regard them as the perfect target. Self-defense skills will make these kids well-rounded and ready for every attack to happen, as it makes them sensitive on the things and people that surround them.

Let your child know that he can’t just be a victim. Teach them to not be the perfect target.

Self-Defense for Kids

There are many places and schools that teach self-defense for children —these schools are in almost every city in the world. Some schools are even giving basic lessons for free so that kids will know how to defend themselves. The disadvantage of this is most of the schools don’t really show a child that he/she’s always going to face someone bigger and stronger than how her teacher/instructor looks like.

The worst thing that a parent can think of is their children being out of their sights. The best parents can never always be with their kids from time to time, that’s the reason why these parents enroll these kids on self-defense programs to help their children defend and protect themselves when their parents can’t make it with them.

Generally, kids are small, but being small gives them advantage. Children can easily deliver clouts, knocks, and punches to the susceptible parts of an attacker’s body. A kid can hit some of the pressure points of a person and bring them to their knees.

Kids are also small enough to get away from their attacker’s arms by wiggling their bodies.

Parents, more than anything in this world, just want to know and see their children safe and unharmed as this brings peace of mind to the parents.

Knowing that your kids is enrolled in a program that teaches them to defend themselves in unexpected situations will give you piece of mind, right? You do not have to worry if the school or the institution that’s near your place is good; there are people who can teach your kid some good self-defense skills plus they guarantee good results!

Be Safe, Feel Safe: Krav Maga

If you are reading the newspapers and come across some statistics regarding crime victims, you might notice that 3% of all the crime victims belong are senior citizens or old people. With this small number, why are there a lot of old ones isolate themselves because they are afraid? The reason is so simple: As a person ages, the strength of his/her body decreases and confidence levels diminish along. Because of that, that person is unable to counterattack and protect themselves when they face attackers and/or street muggers.

There is no possibility in terms of self-defense. But always keep in mind that no matter how small, old, and weak you are, when you know how to move appropriately, the mugger/attacker will know who’s in charge —definitely not him, it’s you.

Self-defense techniques are not hard to learn as they are also easy to dredge up. It can be practiced with a friend or it can be exercised by enrolling at a Krav Maga school. Joining a Krav Maga class is a great way to learn how to defend a person’s (old person’s) self and regain his confidence back so he can walk down the street alone.

Kicks and strikes are included in self-defense, but there are also ways where homes and surroundings can be kept safe. In actual fact, one of the largest part that can make a person feel safe is how he/she carries him/herself when he is at home or he/she in public —confidence, it is!


Doors and windows should always have locks. There are hardwares and shops that sell safe locks for windows and doors. Make sure that you buy quality made locks. Another alternative is the placement of wooden dowels into the window tracks; these things will not let ’bad people’ forcefully open the window of your house.

If possible and if your door has peepholes, make sure that you look through them before you go and open the door to anyone. If you own a dog, let him be with you when there are strangers by your door. A dork barking at people it doesn’t know will serve as a warning for these strangers.


When you are going out, make sure that you are aware of what’s happening on your surroundings. Keep your eyes opened and look around and feel if there are any suspicious actions that might happen against you. You can always carry some keys or pens in your hand or in your pocket, these things can be used to poke your attackers in their eyes.


To feel safe, you do not have to be super strong; just learn the right self-defense to use. Learning these moves will help you gain confidence as you walk with heads up.

The Best Krav Maga Instructor

To be the best Krav Maga instructor, you have to learn extensive knowledge and skills to make his students preparted to face and encounter tough situations in their lives. Krav Maga means close combat, this self-defense originated in Israel and has been widespread throughout the world since it began. Modern Krav Maga instructors make use of an efficient self-defense method to let a person learn Krav Maga in a short span of time. A trainer will have the capacity to teach his/her students the tactics needed in Krav Maga so these students will learn how to defend themselves during a fight.

In USA alone, there are a lot of training centers that offer Krav Maga classes. A good training center has qualified Krav Maga Instructors who have different certifications and expertise. A person’s proviso and certification is always considered before someone enrolls to them. A Krav Maga professional will educate his/her student the different strikes there are in Krav Maga, he/she will let his /her students understand and detect any potential dangers that he will face on his everyday life. The knowledge that this instructor will be acquired through practice and experience.

Finding a good Krav Maga instructor is never an easy task to do. Here are the following points before you go on and choose whoever your instructor will be:

  • Look for the qualifications of your potential Krav Maga instructor.
  • Consider his experience. Today, you can get the best instructor who has more than 5 years of experience as they may have been practicing it through law enforcement and/or special assignments.
  • Of course, the best Krav Maga trainer is a black belter as he can convey what he knows and what he has been practicing to his students so that these learners will know what to do when a situation hits them.
  • Make sure that you have the need to learn Krav Maga skills to counter-attack the opponent while preparing to fight.

A good Krav Maga teacher will not only let you fight, he will also let you finish an attacker effectively and quickly as per making sure that you are safe while you are fighting. Krav Maga Institute has instructors who have thorough experience in Krav Maga, and they are sure to teach you the most extensive Krav Maga training.