Suicide and Self-Defense

Teenage Suicide is a big problem now because of bullyingAccording to National Alliance of Mental Illness, suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in USA, and it’s the third cause of death of people ages 15 to 24 years old, thus making this a critical issue.

Suicide of teens are sometimes caused by harassment and cyber-bullying, and this issue is all over the news that made parents worry about their children’s welfare —if your child is one of them, it is important that you address the topic to him/her, instead of being tormented and being upset by the increasing rates of suicide by these youngsters.

Let’s talk about the tools for parents like you that can make use of when talking to your teen about bullying.

Initiate the Conversation

Do not wait for your child to open up for you. Sure it can be difficult to have your kid open up to you, but this topic —bullying —is crucial. Open the communication up and let your child speak his/her mind. Don’t talk and talk, just let your child do the talking, listen.

If you hear something that strikes you, compose yourself and try to remain calm. It’s time to listen.

Do Not Shut Your Child up When He/She Is Try to Open up To You

It’s true that a child, especially when he/she is in his/her adolescent years finds it hard to open things up, particularly when it’s about bullying and/or being bullied. When you sense that he/she is trying to open up to you, sit down and listen to him/her. Don’t be exaggerated when you hear him/her speak up. Stay calm. Don’t judge your child when you don’t like what you are hearing, most importantly, don not put the blame on your child.

Self-control is key to keep the line of communication flowing. Your child needs to know and feel that you care, love and understand him/her, and that you are going to help him/her with the situation that he/she is currently in. Respond in a calm and positive manner.

This time is a great way to let your teen speak her feelings out with regards to him/her being bullied, this will let your child be able to share her feelings and thoughts with you.

This will also let your child know that he/she has a parent who loves and understands him/her enough to help her with her situation.

Prepare Your Teen to Stand Up and Fight by Enrolling Him/Her to a Self-Defense Class

Parents, like you, may worry that your kid might regard and think of you as a broken record, but there things that you can never talk to your kids about very often:

  • Decision making with regards to how they treat their peers, becoming a good example without excluding others can create an anti-bullying atmosphere.
  • Letting them stand up for what they believe is true, especially when they are around their friends. Self-worth, self-control and self-esteem are some of the things that a self-defense school can teach as they teach children the things that are necessary for them to make a stand.
  • Telling them and letting them understand that they just can take all in. They can’t just accept and accept when they know that they are being harassed. Encourage your child to talk to someone he/she trusts so much and let him/her open her feelings up.
  • Teaching hi,/her to love himself/herself. It is important for a child to have self-esteem and self-confidence as this is a great tool to stop bullying.
  • Letting your children know and feel that you are always there for them, that you have their back. Children and teens must know that if someone doesn’t believe in them, you are there, always ready to support and love them all the way.
  • Teach and help your child to learn that there are solutions to every problem, especially with bullying. By using some life skills, they can create some actions to solve their problems and get the results that they want to have.
  • Let them learn some self-defense skills so that bullies won’t regard them as the perfect target. Self-defense skills will make these kids well-rounded and ready for every attack to happen, as it makes them sensitive on the things and people that surround them.

Let your child know that he can’t just be a victim. Teach them to not be the perfect target.