The Krav Maga Institute NYC is the only fully certified Krav Maga school in NYC qualified to teach Krav Maga for adults, kids, Law Enforcement and Security professionals.

KMI NYC is based in the heart of New York City with locations all over Manhattan and with affiliate locations all over the USA and Europe. It was founded in late 2011 by one of the most experienced IKMF Krav Maga instructor teams in the USA and has since become the premiere choice for authentic Krav Maga training in North America. KMI NYC proudly boasts the largest and most experienced Krav Maga instructor team and one of the largest student bases in the USA. KMI NYC has been recently featured in the NY Times and TIME Magazine and on numerous news and other TV programs. KMI NYC is both KMI’s and the IKMF’s flag ship Krav Maga NYC school and is widely recognized as one of the best Krav Maga school in the US.

KMI provides professional level tactical, technical, physical and mental training in all aspects of Krav Maga, including:

KMI NYC offers group classes every day, all over Manhattan with affiliates in the USA and Europe. KMI NYC’s programs include:

  • Modern self defense for adults (Krav Maga).
  • Women’s self defense (Krav Maga).
  • Kids self defense (through our BullyProof program).
  • Law Enforcement, Corrections Officer (Prison), Security, VIP/Third Party Protection, Bouncer and Bartender training.
  • Fight choreography for movies and TV.
  • Strength & fitness classes (the KMI Strong program includes kettlebells, combat cardio and elite military fitness).
  • Fighting (sometimes you just have to be able to fight).
  • One on one private Krav Maga lessons.
  • Corporate events and seminars.
  • Masterclasses (Adrenaline: fighting tactics, women’s self defense, Bar 101, Dirty Fighting and Multiple Attackers, among others).

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