Month: April 2015

Krav Maga Against Gun Defense

Defending-Against-Firearm-ThreatsIf you are someone who is living in a quiet neighborhood, you may find it hard to get out or neutralize a situation where you will face someone with a gun. On the other hand, those who live downtown —where crime is a part of everyone’s lives —know that disarming an attacker or getting away with this kind of attack is a must so that one is sure to live a safe life.

In reality, even if you are living in the most quiet neighborhood in the world, you are not sure that you will live your life peacefully and stress-free. There is no guarantee that you will not find yourself in a scene where you will face an attacker.

This the reason why taking krav maga self defense classes is a must, these self defense classes will teach you how to handle and neutralize armed situations when you are facing them.

Krav Maga is a system that was born in Israel, and there are many techniques that will ensure you of counterbalancing an attack as quickly as possible. One significant move in Krav Maga is the defense against gun attack, this technique have already been popular as many of the people nowadays are facing gun threats —parents fighting their spouses with guns, someone trying to get your things and making use of a gun to scare you away, and/or someone attacking you with a gun. Enrolling in a Krav Maga class will let you and most people understand the proper technique,

When you are faced with an armed attacker, and that someone wants to get your possessions, it is advised that you give your possessions and leave; but if you are still being harassed or the attackers continues to push himself to you, then it’s time to act and do those Krav Maga moves. In many gun attacks, the mugger will most probably ask the victim to put their hands in the air, but no, don’t give in to this kind of command from the bad guy as you have to delay things ahead for an element of surprise when counter attacking.

Krav Maga also teaches to look and understand the things around you. This is not only for you to know a place where to run to, but also to see something that you can use as a weapon against the mugger.