Month: October 2014

Self Defense and Your Kids

Kids are not spared in attacksThe rate of crime is ever increasing every day and children are not spared with these kinds of acts. Children face physical abuse besides looting, snatching and even bullying. That being said, parents are encouraged to consider enrolling and signing their kids up to a self defense for kids class.

Children are vulnerable in nature as they cannot distinguish a friend form a foe, thus they are susceptible to the abuse —mentally and physically —by these street thugs. With self defense training, children will be aware and sensitive when a danger is lurking around them as they understand the body language of the people that surround them. Self defense for kids will improve their mental power and will make them confident in everything that they do, and in everywhere they go.

The self defense training that you will sign your kids into is not a game; rather it’s a training that will let them be physically and mentally strong. The training proper will be given by self defense professionals and practitioners who have earned great ranks in their fields. They will not teach children to hurt themselves so don’t worry about them being hurt when they enroll in such class or training.

Children are not only safe in malls and parks; they are also unsafe when they are in school and in your homes. A lot of TV news show how much other children are beaten and bullied by bigger kids when they are in school, and how much these kids are being beaten up by relatives when their parents are not at home with them.

The reason why some people do this to kids because children cannot express how much pain they are experiencing and they are scared to tell the truth.

That being said, isn’t it better to teach your children how to defend themselves when they face such attack and/or assault rather than letting them grow up as victims of these bad people?

Self defense training for kids is a training where your children can learn how to escape the lurking assault and attack from the unfriendly attitude of some people. Self defense training will make your child strong enough to fight the attacker he/she might face.

Parents should enroll their kids in a self defense class so that they can be confident that their kids are safe and secured wherever they go.