Month: June 2014

Be Safe, Feel Safe: Krav Maga

If you are reading the newspapers and come across some statistics regarding crime victims, you might notice that 3% of all the crime victims belong are senior citizens or old people. With this small number, why are there a lot of old ones isolate themselves because they are afraid? The reason is so simple: As a person ages, the strength of his/her body decreases and confidence levels diminish along. Because of that, that person is unable to counterattack and protect themselves when they face attackers and/or street muggers.

There is no possibility in terms of self-defense. But always keep in mind that no matter how small, old, and weak you are, when you know how to move appropriately, the mugger/attacker will know who’s in charge —definitely not him, it’s you.

Self-defense techniques are not hard to learn as they are also easy to dredge up. It can be practiced with a friend or it can be exercised by enrolling at a Krav Maga school. Joining a Krav Maga class is a great way to learn how to defend a person’s (old person’s) self and regain his confidence back so he can walk down the street alone.

Kicks and strikes are included in self-defense, but there are also ways where homes and surroundings can be kept safe. In actual fact, one of the largest part that can make a person feel safe is how he/she carries him/herself when he is at home or he/she in public —confidence, it is!


Doors and windows should always have locks. There are hardwares and shops that sell safe locks for windows and doors. Make sure that you buy quality made locks. Another alternative is the placement of wooden dowels into the window tracks; these things will not let ’bad people’ forcefully open the window of your house.

If possible and if your door has peepholes, make sure that you look through them before you go and open the door to anyone. If you own a dog, let him be with you when there are strangers by your door. A dork barking at people it doesn’t know will serve as a warning for these strangers.


When you are going out, make sure that you are aware of what’s happening on your surroundings. Keep your eyes opened and look around and feel if there are any suspicious actions that might happen against you. You can always carry some keys or pens in your hand or in your pocket, these things can be used to poke your attackers in their eyes.


To feel safe, you do not have to be super strong; just learn the right self-defense to use. Learning these moves will help you gain confidence as you walk with heads up.