A person’s weak point is impossible to harden, develop and strengthen. Attacking an opponent’s weak points gives a person, even if he’s the weakest person alive the plus over the assaulter. When you are getting jumped into, do not think of any fighting code because you have to get out of the situation alive. To achieve this, you have to perpetrate your attacker to the highest level in the least time as possible.


Eye attacks can be made by using the fingers. You can hit someone’s eyes even if you are lying down. The attacker will not be able to A person's weak pointscope up with this attack as hit in the attacker’s eyes will counterbalance him.


The nose it at the center of the face and it is very easy to hit. You can hit the nose with a big strike, like a head-butt, an elbow-knock and/or a punch.

Once the attacker’s nose is attacked, his eyes will start to shed tears and his nose will then bleed. A strong punch or strike will break your attacker’s nose thus will make it very difficult for him to strike back to you.


Try watching a boxing match; you will see that the boxers’ target is the chins of their opponents. Why? This is because a sturdy punch on the chin will cause the foe to fall, lose his balance and even pass out.

You can strike your attackers chin with punches in all levels and angles.


The throat is one of the many lethal points of a person’s body. When a person is hit at the throat, he can either choke or die. You can strike your attacker’s throat with a punch or an open hand smash. You can also choke your attacker up.


Many, if not all, of us know the feeling of being hit at the male part. So imagine you hitting your attacker (if he’s a male) on his private. Hits on the testicles and knees are one of the best attacks a victim can do to his aggressor. A hit on your attacker’s testicles will cause him to bend over and will make you free to move and run for your safety. You can also continue hitting, kicking and/or striking him when he’s bent over in pain because of his aching testicles.


The knees are the lowest feeble point of a person’s body. A strike to the knees can be done from all angles. Remember, if you strike someone to the knees, strike it hard because your goal is to break his/her knees so that he will no longer have the chance to hurt and strike back on you.

Once the knee is broken, the attacker will no longer be able to stand up, walk and attack you.


A strike on the temple can be made with a hook, elbow and other attacks from the sides. When the attacker’s temple is hit, he will lose his balance, fall and faint. Death can be a result of a strong strike on the temple.


The ears of a person are delicate in which they can be easily hit and/or torn. A hit on this place is a good way to free yourself from holds and grabs.


This is the part where the skull and the spinal cord are connected. This human body part is sensitive and lethal. Striking it with a very strong force can paralyze and even kill a person.


If you are behind your attacker, you have good chances of striking his spinal column; this is a very sensitive part of a person as it can paralyze him once a strong attack has been made.

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